That´s all folks.

After airing my dirty and humiliating laundry on the world wide web for one year, it is time to stop the blog. I have loved writing it and it has been more successful (not financially, sorry Dad) than I thought it would be – I am fairly confident that at least 4 of you reading are not direct members of my family.

I also like to think that I was giving something back to you in the form of a very strange and perverse life coaching session:

1. Look how bad your life could be

2. If the stories ring true with you, then at the very least I am example that it does seem to be possible to be this ridiculous and maintain full-time employment. I can’t guarantee for how long though.

It is not the end of the writing for me, maybe just the start of writing in a new capacity. Spreading comfort and hope to more people, with any luck.

Remember, when you next see some girl trying to save her falafel salad from the middle of a busy intersection, speaking Spanglese in your gym class or walking around with her blouse undone, don´t judge her.

Thank you so much for reading and don´t forget, you can still check back to this page for updates of the next chapter. Actual pun intended.

Big love,



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