2011 – a cruel mistress.

As I sit in my spare room typing on the eve of 2012, it feels natural to reflect on the past events of 2011. Resolutions are something I try to avoid as my will power is as weak as George Best’s was in a boozer, but for 2012, following a year of highs, lows and down-right shame, I am ready to announce some bold statements in a bid to improve day-to-day life for myself:

  1. To only watch the last 15 minutes of Hollywood romcoms. 2012 is not a year for sitting alone, 30 cms away from the tv screen crying into a box of cereal (see point 4) over Ryan Gosling.
  2. To never home-dye my hair again, unless for a fancy dress party (that will last ten months) or if I am planning to shave my head a la Britney immediately afterwards.
  3. To not lie about my nationality so I won’t be forced to join a new gym in another city. Holland is not such a big place.
  4. To not ride my bicycle after a date with Pinot, Grigio or their other (more aggressive) friend Vodka.
  5. To eat cereal from a bowl and not directly from the packet. Especially at work.
  6. Never offer anyone a lift in my car without seeing proper identification first.
  7. Not to make jokes about tampons to my male boss.
  8. Not to expose myself to any person in the medical profession unless they clearly ask – in writing.
  9. To ensure that the buttons on my blouse are done up correctly before accusing colleagues of being sexual predators.

No number 10 yet – I will leave that spot open for the inevitable horrors that await me at the New Year’s Eve party. At least I am honest with myself.

Happy New Year from me (and Ryan) and thanks for reading my ridiculous blog. Please continue to do so in 2012… big love! xx





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