Posted in December 2011

2011 – a cruel mistress.

As I sit in my spare room typing on the eve of 2012, it feels natural to reflect on the past events of 2011. Resolutions are something I try to avoid as my will power is as weak as George Best’s was in a boozer, but for 2012, following a year of highs, lows and … Continue reading

I don’t hate you, just your ideas.

I am often asked (okay, my mum asked once) how the working environment over here differs to that in the UK. Well, it’s different, that’s for sure. I remember my first day in the office and the first encounter that I had with my boss. He came over to me, shook my hand firmly and … Continue reading

Cupid – your creepy neighbour.

I recently tried to play Cupid to a friend of mine, but of course this venture ended in a terrible situation. The Dutch gentleman in question – the one catching my friend’s eye – just so happened to be my new neighbour. I haven’t really had so much luck with neighbours in the past and … Continue reading