We work in fashion darlings!

This morning I met with some girlfriends for some breakfast –or let’s say ‘brunch’, MUCH more European and continental and, after all, I am on the continent now.

As a trio of girls, we did nothing to dispel the stereotype as we sat there, drinking milky coffees, talking about people we know and discussing our latest purchases. We chattered about the sheer amount of clothes that we collectively owned and the love-hate relationship that we have with these clothes. If I buy a new pair of jeans, then I want to wear them every single day for a month and then after that month or so (some only get a starring role for 2 weeks), they are tossed aside like an old Barbie doll would have been when you were small. Fickle is a word to insert here. You know how it goes, one days you get Malibu Barbie with a pink Cadillac and you feel that you probably would die if you were parted from her and then a few months later, you get the Barbie that comes with the beach house and jacuzzi and it’s goodbye Malibu Barbie. My friend recounts the season-on-season argument that occurs with her boyfriend about winter coats. ‘I need a new winter coat!’ she exclaims as she looks in her wardrobe, staring at 12 other winter coats. Her boyfriend doesn’t understand it. As a woman, I do. New season, new coat.

I am fairly sure that when I was younger (certainly not now of course) I applied a similar theory when selecting boys to date. Like your All Saints ¾ sleeve parka jacket is perfect for the Spring, but for the Summer, you need something cuter and more season-appropriate. Same for boys. Steven was fine for the Autumn but once the Winter showed signs of emerging, I needed something else. More suitable for the Christmas parties.

Anyway, the conclusion of brunch was that the three of us owned rather a lot of clothes. Should we have a flea market to sell some of them we wondered? Should we send our clothes to the more needy? I wasn’t sure that the needy really needed my YSL Tribute heels (okay, a copy) or my faux-fur gilet. I possess a lot of high heels that I have bought and never worn. I love the idea of high heels but the reality that comes with the execution of wearing them is not so glamorous.  I don’t wear heels with any sort of elegance – because I never wear them on a day-to day basis. Not only this, I am tall so the combination of this and the lack of training makes me feel that when I do wear heels, people are thinking, ‘look at that man in women’s shoes.’ What can I say, we all have our insecurities.

Back to brunch and we talked at length (five minutes) about the implications of a consumer world and how what a shame it is that we live in a want-want-want society.  This conversation was reasoned with the fact that ‘well, it’s normal, we work in fashion.’ Apparently, the developing world will have to wait for our apparel contributions a little bit longer. And then we went shopping.


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