Posted in October 2011

Blue Jobs

The shampoo was purchased amidst the guffaws of the salon staff. I could barely hear the instructions that the hairdresser was giving me above all the laughter and guffaws from the rest of the hairdressers. I went to the hairdressers to seek comfort and support (and blue shampoo), but instead I was met with judgement … Continue reading

Hair today, please be gone by tomorrow.

It wasn’t a successful venture in the experimental years between ’95 to ’99 and naturally, eleven years later, it has proven to be even less successful. Home colouring is dangerous, wrong and should be banned.┬áMy technique of colouring my hair is comparable to that of a pig applying lipstick. As I looked back at the … Continue reading


Something short that might make you feel better knowing that there is always someone more ridiculous than you living somewhere in the world. Or sat on the desk across from you. Or working for you. I was talking to my boss today, which makes me feel nervous and uncomfortable anyway, when suddenly AND WITHOUT REASON … Continue reading