Before we begin.

Don´t read too much further if you are hoping for a well balanced account of life in the Netherlands – where to eat the best pannenkoeken, where find the most luscious tulips or where to purchase the most comfortable clogs. This is my subjective view of life over here, as well as the usual work-love-family dramas that come with living life in general, whatever country you are in.

This is meant to be a fun-spirited blog about my life that just happens to be in the Netherlands now.

You never know, I might just throw in a couple of restaurant recommendations.


4 thoughts on “Before we begin.

  1. I read your post on Expaticat about getting the girls out for the radiographer, and have just had to read all your posts. It has been fabulous so far, chuckling away. Fantastic, very funny blog. Can’t wait for more adventures!

    • Thanks so much…have only just figured out this comments ‘area’ so that is why I am only now replying to you! Yikes. Hope you are still enjoying the blog…6 months on!

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