Posted in August 2011

I know nothing. I am from Barcelona.

The riots in England were all over the news in the Netherlands. ALL OVER the news. Being the only British person in my department at work, I became a sort of involuntary spokesperson for the UK as the unstable events unfolded across the nation. Now, I am the first to admit that I didn’t always … Continue reading

Wonderwoman is a friend of mine.

As I looked into my underwear drawer, I could not remember why I had bothered to transport the contents of the drawer the 400-or-so-mile journey from Manchester. All I could see was a fusion of browns, beiges and greys – none of which would look out of place in the Natural History Museum. A combination … Continue reading

New kid on the block.

I don’t know anyone who relishes a first. Firsts are filled with dread. The ‘first’ of anything is never good. The moments that lead up to ‘firsts’ are filled with mixed feelings of nervousness, dread, alarm, sweat and maybe definitely wine. It is the sense of the unknown. The darkness. The blind fear. The first … Continue reading

Naked perils of flat-sharing

When I first came to the Netherlands, I was so desperate for a place to live that I took anything. Because of this I ended up living in a shared-flat with a variety of people from all over the world. This is my experience of life with a Swedish man. When my landlord told me … Continue reading

My jeans shrunk in the wash.

The winter in the Netherlands was like the end of the world. The below-zero temperatures, the 4ft deep snow, the raging hair-destroying-side-winds – it was enough to make you stay indoors and eat. That is exactly what I did and this inevitably resulted in an extra few kilos to my arse. No longer could I … Continue reading

Father Christmas lives in Spain.

I have been living here since last December. Actually, I moved over to the Netherlands on the actual day of the Dutch National ´Sinterklaas´ holiday. Let me tell you, that was a big shock. I did not really prepare myself for any kind of other Christmas holiday apart from the one that occurs at the … Continue reading

Before we begin.

Don´t read too much further if you are hoping for a well balanced account of life in the Netherlands – where to eat the best pannenkoeken, where find the most luscious tulips or where to purchase the most comfortable clogs. This is my subjective view of life over here, as well as the usual work-love-family … Continue reading