Dear Tax Man, can I have my pants back?

Often you don’t see situations for how they actually are until hours after they occur. However, there are some occasions where you can see the horror of the moment unfolding before your eyes. You can literally be living in that hell until either the sweet release of death comes or (the more likely) the moment … Continue reading

That´s all folks.

After airing my dirty and humiliating laundry on the world wide web for one year, it is time to stop the blog. I have loved writing it and it has been more successful (not financially, sorry Dad) than I thought it would be – I am fairly confident that at least 4 of you reading … Continue reading

I kissed my boss (and nobody liked it)

Being British, I am often plagued by thoughts of potentially embarrassing situations and how to avoid them. Being me, not only am I plagued by such thoughts, but even by just thinking about them, it is as though I am sending a silent signal to the fates to manifest those situations into real-life. Waitressing was … Continue reading

Hobbits need not apply.

Type into google, ‘what women want’ and you will get, quite literally, millions of links to websites claiming to be jam-packed with the secrets to what women want (as well as a bit about that dodgy Mel Gibson film) and what they look for in their perfect man. Trawling through these lists scares me and … Continue reading

Competing with Masterchef.

Nearly one month since I wrote anything on this blog, and in all the ‘how-to-blog’ books I have read (okay, I read one chapter) that is what they do not advise you to do. ‘Don’t lose your audience!’ they say. Well, Mum, if you are still reading – thanks. I think even my father has … Continue reading

When No Tribes Went To War.

The weekend of hen-ning was a total success. You know how it is when you get together with old university friends. Reminiscing about the past, laughing at the old memories and just generally enjoying the special time that has brought you back together again. Not with me and my friends. We certainly don’t sit there … Continue reading

When two tribes go to war – the intro

This weekend my life becomes the film ‘Bridesmaids’ – apart from the fact that I am not Kristen Wiig and I am not a bridesmaid. Aside from that, the similarities are uncanny. This weekend I am off to a hen party. Actually, a hen weekend. A weekend of organised fun. The bride in question is … Continue reading


The night before Valentine’s Day, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a… wait, that’s not right. Ppfff…Valentine’s Day. Again. For the teenager in me, the day represents another chance of potentially receiving that card from Bradley Lamb – we were at school together for 8 years and the one … Continue reading

A Weekend avec the Parents

Now that I live here, time spent with my parents is extra precious, mainly because I can’t just call round on a Saturday afternoon for a cup of tea anymore or take an impromptu trip to M&S for some new bras (although I didn’t used to do this with my Dad – closest we got … Continue reading